Saturday, June 15, 2019

Today is the second day of intense tool training. We began our training around 7:15 and started our group rotations. I was able to get in more repetitions with the different types of saws such as circular and miter saws. The Tool Box Buzz team was able to base each station on the Boardwalk project that we will be undertaking. This was done to give us experience planning, organizing, assigning jobs, and being as efficient as possible when working on a project. Along with this project, we learned how to level and place paving bricks for a walkway, and we learned how to effectively clear an area for trails and fences.

At the end of the day, we were given the ability to put all that we learned from the different stations into one big project. We were all split into two teams and given 90 minutes to organize and build one section of a boardwalk. This event was important as it helped us understand what can go right and what things can go wrong on the worksite.

Even though neither team was able to finish, we learned a lot about how important communication is and checking that team leaders are thinking ahead and planning out next steps. I appreciate all of the instructors that helped us these past two days!

-Nolan Caberto, Theta Omicron Chapter at University of Nevada Reno