Saturday, June 3, 2017

_Today was the first day waking up with the whole team. We’re staying at a beautiful lodge in the forest of Gig Harbor, WA. The crew picked up all of the cyclists from the airport yesterday and we all settled into lodging for the night. We’re super excited to get to know each other and bond as a team before our journey kicks off in a few days. For the first full day of orientation, we all broke the ice with some activities and continued prepping for the summer. We went over expectations for the summer and how we will hold each other accountable as a team. We also have a few Pi Alphas on the team that have shared valuable advice and tricks of the trade based on their experiences in years past. As a team, we are feeling energetic and nervous. Not nervous for the 67 day challenge, but for it to fly by too quickly. We couldn’t be more excited to travel the country and make a difference in the community by raising funds and awareness for people with disabilities. We’re ready to get on the road and start our journey.

Author: Matt Rivera, Operations Coordinator