Saturday, June 8, 2019

Today I got a unfixable chain tangle at mile 10 of a 80 mile ride. After an hour of attempting to untangle it I realized I needed a special cassette tool from a bike shop to fix the issue. I had a great time riding around in the van with Kohler. I helped him prepare lunch and we just jammed out to some tunes while we were satiating. I got to see what a day in the life of a crew member was like and it was way more involved than I expected. Afterwards, he brought me to the bike shop and I was able to fix my bike. I had a nice time talking to the people in the bike shop in Walla Walla, and once mine was fixed I went back to the YMCA lodging that we were staying at. A few of the guys and I walked to Starbucks and back to the bike shop. Finally we went to a luau and had some tacos at a friendship visit. it was a really chill day.  Much needed after a hard few days on the bike.

-Riley Luttgeharm