Saturday, May, 26, 2018


ARRIVAL DAY! From the moment we woke up at Suwannee Middle School in Live Oak, everyone was super excited and ready see their families. After a 4:30 AM wake up and a wonderful Crew Chief breakfast, the cyclists hit the road. Even though the forecast called for a 60% chance of rain, we avoided the rain up until stage up. While at stage up, past Pi Alphas warned of a the Hill right before the capitol building. Some people were worried that they wouldn’t be able to make it. After this, butterflies started to set in. Everyone was becoming emotional and sentimental and started sharing stories from the trip. As soon as the rain passed, we departed via police escort to the capitol building.  About half a mile out we saw it: the Hill. Even though many cyclists had worried about it, the adrenaline of finishing the trip and seeing their families carried them to the top.  We were greeted by several excited families and friends, and after some pictures and kind words from the Ability Experience‘s CEO, Basil Lyberg, everyone started to get ready for the awards ceremony. Many stories were told and memories were shared, and the night tipped off with the Bruce Rogers Award being presented to Andre Arman. As the night came to a close, we all thought about how sad we were that this journey was over, but also how our Pi Alpha journey had just begun. ΟΔΗ.

Brad Berry