Sunday, August 6, 2017

Today the TransAmerica team woke up in Blacksburg to ride a short 35 miles to Roanoke, Virginia. With most of the ride downhill and a rest day on the horizon, most pace lines took it easy after a tough 6 day stretch which saw us climb through the Appalachian Mountains. 

 We arrive to lodging, First Presbyterian Church, just as the Sunday morning service was ending. The congregation poured out of the front doors and welcomed us with some tasty Barbecue. The team took advantage of the afternoon to rest and recover from the week of riding. 

Our dinner/friendship visit was held at the Roanoke Zoo where we ate and spent time with families who have children with Down’s syndrome. Most of the team enjoyed a small train ride circling the grounds and soaked in some incredible views of downtown Roanoke. 

 At night some team members went bowling while others saw a movie or used the time to catch up on journaling or sleep. With only six days left, the team is excited for arrival and seeing the nation’s Capitol.

 Author: David Hicks, Cyclist (Alpha Epsilon, University of Florida)