Sunday, July 2, 2017

The ride from Breckenridge, CO to Empire, CO was definitley one of the most memorable rides of the trip! In order to get to Empire, we had to climb roughly 4,000 feet to the top of Loveland Pass. The climb up was steep, but it ultimately made the ride even more rewarding when we made it to the top. We had about eight guests ride along with us to the top of Loveland Pass, many of them former Pi Alphas. It was great to be able to hear about their experiences throughout the ride. When we reached the top, it surprisingly began to snow on us! Everyone quickly jumped on their bikes and descended down the mountain to try and warm up. At the end of our ride, we arrived at Rocky Mountain Village, a camp run by the Goodwill Easter Seals for people with disabilities. That evening,we had a chance to meet some awesome people as we ate dinner with campers and camp staff. After dinner, we went to the outdoor stage for skits and introductions. After the all of the cabins did their skits, our team introduced ourselves and performed the “human bicycle”. All in all, it was definitley a great day, and lots of good memories were made.

Cameron Kenney

Southern Miss