Sunday, July 21, 2019

Today we woke up at 6:30am to start our journey to our last camp, Camp Paivika, in Crestline, CA. Ayden cooked us breakfast before we hit the road and after we all ate we started packing up the cars. Before we officially started our last big travel day we had to get all the cars filled with gas. After Keith filled up the hatchback with gas I drove it off to the side and Gus pulled up the black van to start filling with gas. As Keith got the hose off the pump the hose just popped off and fell to the ground. Luckily, gas didn’t spill everywhere. After we dealt with that we filled up the two vans and hit the road for Crestline. Keith started driving and halfway through I drove. The drive from San Bernardino up the mountain to Crestline was beautiful, it was a really curvy and fun drive. Once we got to camp we unpacked everything, and the camp director, Kelly, gave us a rundown of the plan for this week. After getting settled in at Paivika we drove to meet Patrick, a Pi Alpha from the first BAM team, at Cliffhanger, a Mexican restaurant. The food was really good and the view from the restaurant was incredible. After we all ate dinner and talked to Patrick for a while we headed back to Paivika and got ready to go swimming. After a short swim we all got ready for bed in anticipation for our last first work day of the trip.

  • Mahfouz Batshoun Beta Gamma University of Louisville