Sunday, July 23, 2017

An early 5am wakeup greeted the team as we looked forward to a nice 90 mile ride into Milwaukee. The cyclist were a little extra motitvated by Monday’s off day which would be the first off day since Des Moines. We enjoyed a nice CC breakfast courtsey of Troy then tried to get on the road as quick as possilble. Getting out of Madison was a bit of a drag as we encountered some traffic and constuction but we made it out of the city in good time. We cyclied right by Camp Randell Stadium, home of the Wisconsin Badgers, which was cool for me becasue as an avid college football fan I love seeing stadiums.

The road from Madison to Milwaukee was interesting to say the least. We encounted pot holes about every 5 feet which made the ride quite uncomfotable. About 10 guys got flats in the first 50 miles of the trip, including me, which has to be a record for flat tires in a single ride. Nonetheless, I had an enjoyable ride through the Wisconsin countryside which consisted of miles of corn fields and cow famrs. Also, we passed through several small towns along the way which has honestly been one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Once in Milwaukee, the team went to a bowling alley and had lunch and a friendship visit which the Spina Bifida Association. We were paired up which a member of the association and his/her family and bowled. I’m not the best bowler, so my goal was to crack 100 which I did once. It was awesome to hang out with Grant or Bubby as he’s known to friends. He was so entergetic and a good bowler as well!

For dinner we went to the Pewauke Yacht Club with a Pi Alpha and his family. They took us on their boat and we got to go on the lake which was alot of fun. Also, they had several fun games for the guys to play before dinner. Dinner consisted of fried chichen and sides. Per usual I along with many other guys stuffed my face. I don’t think I’m losing weight on the trip becasue of the sher amount of food I consume at sponsered dinners. After dinner, we went back and I watched the new Game of Thrones episode on the projector in the gym. Side note: Highly recommed Game of Thrones if you are looking for a show to start.

Overall, it was a farily tough ride but a fun day, Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store of us!

David Gaw