Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today was a big day for the TransAmerica team  as they traveled 125 miles from Pueblo to Lamar. It was a beautiful day to ride, sunny with not too much incline and a wide shoulder to talk to our men with. Many of the cyclists will say that the amount of grasshoppers we see on the side of the road is stupendous. Many of the cyclists have been riding for quite some time now and have built up an extreme endurance that allows them to power through and make it to our final destination in record time. As we begin to leave the mountains, the climate has gotten much hotter. We plan accordingly by making sure vans are fully stocked with extra water and that the team is hydrated even when they’re off the bike. 

When we arrived in Lamar, we had some free time until dinner. Nearly the entire team immediately showered and then made their way into bed for a nap before dinner. The 125 mile ride was difficult and definitely warm, but the cyclists push through by remembering WHO we’re doing this for. All in all, today was challenging, but also allowed some time for the team to catch up on sleep and relax. 

Author: Jacob Beale “Leonidas”, Crew (Delta Zeta Chapter, Appalachian State University)