Sunday, June 25, 2017

I think I speak for all my teammates on this trip when I say today was full of high spirits, motivation, and enjoyment! After completing a 135-mile ride yesterday, we can all agree it was an unforgettable and truly rewarding experience that will never be forgotten. With arguably the two toughest rides behind us, we’re ready for any challenge that awaits us and it showed through the excitement that was present in each and every one of us today. The team is beginning to become inseparable and we all genuinely enjoy each other’s company. In this journal description, I am purposely going to avoid saying “I” because we are a team and we are all in this together to achieve one goal. LETS GET TO D.C. 38 MEMBERS STRONG! 

Today we got to sleep in until 7:30 am (YIPEE)!! The team then spent an enjoyable morning in downtown Jackson eating breakfast, checking out stores and taking pictures. Jackson lies right below the Teton Mountain range which is an incredibly gorgeous site to see. The fact that we all biked up and over them the day before made the view that much more pleasurable. The team all met back at lodging at 1:30 pm to each lunch and from then on we were free to explore until dinner at 6:00 pm. Some caught up on sleep while others adventured out to different swim spots to relax and take a dip. Regardless of the individual choices people made on how to spend their time, everybody is satisfied. Today was a well-needed rest day that prepared the team for the next three 90+ mile days to come. Dinner was provided by Pi Alpha Ben Pascal and it was a delicious spread of barbecue chicken and pork with beans, coleslaw, and mac n cheese. He also provided chocolate cookies and ice cream for desert! Ben is the pastor of the Presbyterian church here in Jackson that is housing us for two consecutive nights. The team is extremely thankful for him and the generosity he’s showed us. We ended the night with a productive team meeting going over specific fundraising techniques and safety procedures. We’re all looking forward to creating many more memories together and to keep pedaling through thick and then. LETS RIDE!

Author: Luke McCauley, Cyclist (Eta Gamma Chapter, University of Colorado – Boulder)