Sunday, June 25,2017

After a long 120 mile ride snd a day off in Salt Lake City, Utah, we were excited and ready to make our trek up to Park City, Utah. The ride was only about 35 miles, but this was no easy feat, as Park City is nearly 4000ft above Salt Lake City. Joined by our sponser from Salt Lake City, five-time Pi Alpha Jeff Peasrlman, we began our ride up to Park City. Immediately, we were met by windy mountain roads that carried us to the top. As soon as we reached the top, which was called “Little Mountain Summit,” we enjoyed an amazing view. We then got to enjoy a short descent, where we were quickly greeted by our crew at the bottom, there to carry us across an interstate so we could finsih off the ride. After crossing the busy highway, we hoped back on our bikes and rode out the last 7 miles to Church near the Park City Downtown.

Upon ariving at the Church, we all quickly showered and changed, eager to explore Park City for the day. Some enjoyed the thrills of the Mountain Coaster and the Alpiner Slide and some went for a hike. Many others however, wanted top go explore the town, and opted to check out the “Park Silly” Market situated opn the Main Street of the city. Along with many others, I got to look at, sample, adn enjoy many of Park City’s local creations and treats. There was tons of neat artwork, such as chairs and benches made completely out of skis and snowboards. Walking down the busy streets of the market, a group of us were called over by a guy who shouted “JOH, come try my copld-brew!” It turns out this guy was named Kyle, and his older brother was a Pi Alpha, and his family was hosting us for dinner the next day. We all tried some of his cold brew and abolutely loved it!

Lastly, the entire group convoyed back to downtown for dinner at the Wasatch Brewery and Pub, a local favorite. There we enjoyed deliciouis gourmet Bison Burgers and pasta salad. For desert, we enjoyerd some enormous brownies. Everyone loved the food and we thank Jenifer Roghaar for sponsering this meal! Park City day one was awesome, we can’t wait to see what our day off has in store!  

Jasson Lazar