The early morning into Jacksonville

On our ride to Jacksonville from Gainesville, we started our journey around 6:30 am after enjoying a crew chief breakfast at lodging. Today was a test of our dedication to the people we serve and the brotherhood we had as a team, while the road was the journey was not easy especially after riding hundreds of miles already, and the everyone feeling the Florida summer heat and humidity, we all embraced the challenge and were determined to finish as a team with everyone safe. The understanding that the best trips are those on the paths least taken, and the time you spend overcoming them with the people around you. And while there was many hills today, the team was excited to tackled all of them in our path to our Friendship Visit at Challenge Enterprises, where we were able to enjoy an amazing pasta lunch with the clients and then having a tour of the facility and receiving an explanation of the positive actions that the company does to provide skill training and work for people with disabilities. After lunch at Challenge Enterprise, the team went to lodging before departing to Bowl America to hangout with the friends we had made at our friendship visit earlier that day. After eating dinner the competition was real, everyone put on their game faces and bowled their best. Nicole made sure to bring her A-game against crew chief Jesse Sheplow who bowled a turkey with three perfect strikes in a row in their first game. Once everyone had finished up their two games of bowling, and everyone did their good goodbyes, the team proceeded on going to a sponsored event by John Powers and the Zeta Zeta alumni chapter while talking to us on how the trip was going so far, and explain what brought them to take this trip and had a chance to get to know the alumni of the Zeta Zeta chapter while watching some basketball games and playing football in the backyard. This was a perfect way to end a day that we had biked such a far distance and have had two amazing friendship visits also. For me the best moments are those when you get to take a breath and enjoy the time you’re having we the people around you, and I’ll always remember this day, for all the fun and love the team had.