The Long Journey Down to Miami for the Crew

With the Gear Up Florida crew all very excited to head down to Miami at 6 am on Tuesday morning we started the day off high energy and general excitement even though it was a few hours before we had been getting things going on previous day. The vans were all packed and we were very ready to get the trip started, and it was going to be a long day for talking, jamming out to music in the car, and long straight stretches of road. The first stop that was made was very needed and was a chance for some people to have Zaxby’s for the first time where we were able to run into an alumni and fill up with some gas.

We were able to get back on the road and thing about some serious things like how we would be doing our daily jobs once we had gotten down to Miami. Our Finance position on the trip was trying to have us come up with a goal for the two and a half weeks while we are here at around three thousand. The trip ended up taking just a little over thirteen hours from when we left at 6 am until we got to the FIU dorm that we will be staying at until we leave for Clewiston on May 12th. It was full of rain and traffic for maybe the last hour or two, but we would all say it is worth it to be down in the hot sun of Miami.

We were able to decal a van and unpack all of the things that were vital to us being in the dorms over night and then we as crew were able to enjoy the night in Miami for a little bit and not have to be stuck up in the mid-west or north-east like most of the crew. The crew is just so excited now to use our training that we worked so very hard on these past few days and to meet these amazing cyclists that have put their time in physically and mentally to be able to get to this place to bike for those that cannot.