Thursday, August 1, 2019

The ride today was short and sweet for the whole team. A quick 44 miles brought us into the beautiful town of Charleston, WV where we relaxed at a Sheetz for a few minutes before our friendship visit. We met a police officer there who was a brother of Pi Kappa Phi, and talked to him all about the surrounding area and our experiences on this amazing trip. We then biked over to the American Red Cross where there were children with additional needs that we had the pleasure of goofing around with during lunch. After a few hours, we left just in time to not get hit by a passing storm! We are staying in a MLK community center with a pool, so a few of the guys went swimming before our showers… a rare treat! For dinner, we were treated to a West Virginia Power baseball game with a picnic lunch in the stadium beforehand. The game was a blast, and we had a few brothers out chasing foul balls and thrown bats! All and all, it was a packed day of fun that the team is going to remember for a long time.

⁃Paul Dorsch