Thursday July 11, 2019

We started the day by eating breakfast at camp and then got started on work. Today was the day we had to finish both of the ramps. Tony, Greg, Jake, Nolan, and Gus finished restoring the final part of the ramp on the boys’ cabin, and Mike, Keith, Jonathan, Ayden, and I finished up the framing and decking of the ramp on the girls’ cabin. We both managed to finish right before it started to storm, perfect timing! After we got all of the tools packed up we went in to dinner with the campers. At dinner Easton, one of the campers, told me he wanted to test out the ramp on the girls’ cabin since he was the only camper with a wheelchair that week. After dinner we had a really fun dance party, and after that we all went up to the girls’ cabin to have Easton test out the ramp. The ramp worked perfectly and Easton told us that we all did an awesome job!

– Mahfouz Batshoun University of Louisville (ΒΓ)