Thursday, July 27, 2017

Today’s adventure was a little different than what we are accustom to. Our morning started with a very filling breakfast provided by the Indiana University Pi Kapp house mom that included breakfast biscuits, fresh fruit, muffins, yogurt, coffee, and cereal. While the team was eating breakfast the project manager made the decision to do an all team rack to Indianapolis due to the weather conditions. The weather radar showed that there were thunderstorms coming our direction so today’s ride would be unsafe. 

The team had a fun lunch friendship visit at a facility called Outside the Box. Their mission is to show all the abilities of kids and adults. We learned that Outside the Box holds a summer camp for kids ages 6-12 every year. Every camp member’s faces lit up as the team walked in through the doors. High fives were going all around! The kids were thrilled to see us there as they were jumping around everywhere. The team loved the warm welcome by the camp members and got stoked when we were told we were having chick fil a for lunch! One of the kids, named Kingston was a crowd favorite. He was a 6 yr old boy from Africa who had so much energy, could tell you stories for days and enjoyed playing basketball with the team. 

Author: Larry Fabela, Cyclist (Theta Sigma Chapter, California State University – Long Beach)