Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today we rode from Denver to Colorado Springs, and it was pretty nice to get back on the bike after a day off in Denver. We ate breakfast at the hotel and said goodbye to the parents that came to visit for the 4th of July. It was the first day we’ve dealt with real heat throughout a ride, so the ride was a bit tougher than normal. This heat was a new challenge for the team, but we drank a lot of water and powered through. For the first 70 miles or so, we climbed about 5,000 total feet, but working hard through the heat and climbing paid off with a nice descent for the last 20 miles. 

We’re staying at Colorado College in dorms, where some of us have our own room and some of us are staying in pairs, but either way it is great to have a bed!

Mr. Mike Edmonds, Dean of Students, sponsored our dinner at Colorado College, where some faculty helped prepare a huge dinner. The dinner was so big that for one of the first times, the team couldn’t finish all the food prepared for us! Overall, even after the long day on the bike, it was a great day! We’re spending another day in Colorado Springs tomorrow and then we’re off to Pueblo.  

Author: Chris Beck, Cyclist (Omega Chapter, Purdue University)