Tuesday, June 20, 2017

After being told that there were four summits, one being called pancake summit on the way to Ely, many of us were anxious. However, every climb means there is a decent, and with that you get to go fast at some point; and i promise you we did. Around noon, we had realized that these ascents were the least of our problems as the heat came out of nowhere. We encoureged eachother and cyclists and crew alike made sure that everyone was drinking enough water to stay hydrated. After the last summit, the ride in was beautiful through the canyon and most importantly downhill. Flying through the canyon felt amazing and worth it. As our pacelines arrived, we were rewarded with the knowledge that we are doing this for more than ourselves, as well as a post ride snack that we all look forward to prepared by our crew cheif Troy.

White Pine student counsul was kind enough to sponsor us for dinner. They made us delicious tacos. Even better they had angel food cake for dessert, a favorite of mine. After dinner, we were suprised by the girls voleyball team whom had set up for practice in the gym. We challenged them, but in the end mixed up the teams. The diffrence in level of skill was remarkable, as they were far better than any of us had thought. It was alot of fun playing with them in a fun environment and closed out a long day with smiles and laughter.

today made me really think about why we are all doing this, and how this trip will leave me with life long memories.


Peter Glyman

University of Colorado, Boulder