Thursday, June 8, 2017

Today the team rode to Yakima, Washington from our first stop in Enumclaw, WA. The ride was 125 miles and over 8,000 ft of elevation, so it was definitely a tough one. This was the teams first “century day” together. Everyone was pretty ecstatic for the challenge and the team encouraged one another the whole day, especially on the hills! It was very cool to see the change in scenery from a rain forest, to snowy mountain passes, and then to grassy valleys – the views were incredible. We stayed energized and hydrated with snacks and water at every crew stop, which were every 5 miles or so. The Stone Family were nice enough to provide us with two lunches along the way, and they braced the cold and snow to make sure we were taken care of. The ride took a little over nine hours to finish, but we were well fed by Mr. Boswell and his family at lodging! Thank you to both families for their encouragement, support, and great food. The team agrees that it was one of the most challenging things they’ve ever accomplished, but it was so worth the difficulty of the ride. We look forward to continuing forward on our journey and supporting each other as a team in the process.

Author: Will Ford, Cyclist