Thursday, May 18, 2017

My name is Nick Russin, brother of the Zeta ETA chapter at The University of South Florida in Tampa. I’m also from the city of Tampa, which made today’s ride from Clearwater to Tampa very significant to me. However, today’s ride had a shaky start. My paceline witnessed a non-GUF cyclist in a pretty serious crash. Myself and the three other team members were the first responders and within minutes the man was in an ambulance on his way to a hospital. This was difficult for the team to fathom. The rest of the ride to the friendship visit was noticeably solemn with very little conversation. However, after leaving an amazing friendship visit with The Arc of Tampa Bay, our team was filled with the motivation we needed to cross to Tampa Bay. Seeing the stadium lights of Raymond James Stadium and the skyline of downtown Tampa in the distance filled me with joy. I am very excited to be home for two days, visiting local organizations in which are directly serving in my community, and of course being able to see my friends and family. I will miss being home, but I am eager to finish traveling and serving my home state.

– Nick Russin (University of South Florida)