Thursdsay, July 20, 2017

Every morning, team members have the opportunity to dedicate that day’s ride to someone special to them. This ride was particularly special to me as the team dedicated the ride in memorium of my grandfather. Up until this ride, clouds have been few and far inbetween, with rain occuring even more infrequently. Waking up and having the opportunity to ride in the rain was a welcome change as the cooling rain kept us fresh.

Upon arrival in Davenport, we got settled at Hotel Davenport, our lodging for the evening. A few months earlier, our chapter stayed at Hotel Davenport for our formal and returning brought back warm memories of the evening dedicated to celebrating the year’s accomplishments. After getting settled, we departed for the local waterpark where we would have a friendhsip visit. by then, the rain had cleared and it was ideal weather to be at the pool. I spent my time with a client named matt who loved the pool but was terrified of the water slides. With the help of the Matt’s caretaker, we encouraged him to overcome his fear and try out the waterslides which he learned to love. We are thankful for our sponsors that provided us a great friendship visit and the opportunitity to develop meaningful relationships with the clients.

Wil Gradle