Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Today the cyclists road 55 miles from Pittsburgh to Uniontown PA. The ride was smooth and steady going as cyclists slowed down to enjoy the last few rides of the trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery. After arriving at the YMCA and showering off we headed to meet up with Mr. Tony Bartock and the Knights of Columbus who have been sponsoring our team since 1997. It was great to talk to Tony, he said that he volunteers with more then 4 different groups and is always busy helping someone somewhere, Tony was truly inspiring which the passion he brings to everyone he is helping. Having been a sponsor for 20 years Mr. Bartock knew just what we were looking for. We were treated to some incredible spaghetti and meatballs and finished off everything they brought us. After eating we relaxed and played cornhole and basketball until we had to head back to prepare for the next day. As we close into D.C. I am amazed that it’s been 59 days since we left San Francisco, it feels like it was just yesterday that we left. I was reminiscing with Matt and Christian about our time in Nevada, while it was a long time spent on 50 along with many long days on the bike, we ended out time in Nevada bonding as a team atop a mountain lake at Great Basin National Park. While we had many many great days after it was one of those days that feels like yesterday even though it was 48 days earlier. With so few days left we look forward to taking our time and enjoying great views with incredible company.

Troy Strickland 

Sonoma State Kappa Nu