Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Today was a great day! We cycled 65 miles from Garden City to Dodge City, Kansas. Overall it was an enjoyable ride aside from the 100 plus degrees temperature and some head winds. After the ride, we had a stage up and had an arrival for our friendship visit and lunch with Arrowhead West. The friendship visit consisted of many activities such as bingo, line dancing, corn hole, and great conversations! I met a friend named Roy at the visit who has grown up in Dodge City. Roy and I ate lunch together and continued to play all of the different games together. 

After the friendship visit was over we headed back to our lodging at the YMCA. Once we got all of our beds set up we could all shower and then we all got to choose where we wanted to go eat. Our dinners were payed for by the Wheeler Family! 

Even though it was a long and hot day, it was definitely one I will always remember. Dodge City was a great place and treated us well.  

Author: Ryan Boyer, Cyclist (Delta Alpha Chapter, Virginia Tech)