Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Today we rode to Terre Haute, Indiana. The ride was a bit hot, but not nearly as hot or humid compared to the heatwave we went through in Missouri. The roads in Indiana are beautiful and very fun to ride on. Long, hilly winding roads that are shaded by the trees on either side of the traffic lanes are a cyclist’s dream. 100 miles went by pretty fast since we are very well trained from the rides on mountain passes in high elevation, and from being continuously provided with amazing meals by our great sponsors.

We arrived at the Maryland community church to stay for the night before we head out to Bloomington tomorrow. The church had everything we needed, including an ice machine that will be much  appreciated for the next day. Everyone settled down easy and took naps before out friendship visit.

The friendship visit with The Happiness Bag of Terre Haute was an awesome experience as expected. They fed us with juicy sloppy joes and creamy cole slaw, along with our favorite cookie desserts. The Fox News reporters had an interview with our PM during the visit. One of the things he mentioned to them was “It’s not about the miles, it’s all about the smiles.” This phrase portrayed our time at Happiness Bag like no other. We have been working with Happiness Bag for a very long time now, and we hope to be doing so for even longer. Everyone there was having a blast.

Tomorrow we ride into Bloomington, Indiana. We are all excited to stay at the Alpha Psi chapter and see the Indiana University campus!

-Hyun Choi