Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Today we started bright and early and got straight into the hotel breakfast line, it’s always a luxury getting to eat something that’s not cereal or bagels. From there we got into circle up and went over the route for the day. We cycled and drove 55 miles today in some pretty intense Kansas heat, paired finely with a thick layer of humidity. Everyone made the rack time going into stage up for our arrival at west arrowhead. We were treated to home made turkey and tuna sandwiches along with; chips, fruit and sweet tea. It was a nice filling lunch and from there the fun didn’t cease, we went out to have a water balloon fight where multiple people fell victim to the sting of a water balloon that failed to pop. Bingo was going on inside for those of whom who didn’t want to get drenched by a bucket of water. Crafts and dancing were also going on. After we snapped the team picture with everyone we headed back to lodging at the YMCA to relax and take showers until we left for the Kiwanis club dinner. There we are pasta with garlic bread and some assorted cakes which were very tasty. We went around the room and introduced ourselves after we ate and then we headed back to the YMCA once more to relax until we leave again early in the morning.

-Harrison Raft