Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Today the team set out on a fifty-five mile ride from Philipsburg to Butte, Montana. We enjoyed our time in Philipsburg, but we’re ready to get back on the road and continue our journey. The sun was up and the team’s spirit was high as we prepared for our ride. Upon arriving in Butte, we had a great friendship visit and dinner with BSW, Inc. Thank you BSW for the live music and all the dancing that went along with it. The team had a blast! They even made us shirts that featured the Journey of Hope. I especially enjoyed this ride today because I got to jump into a lake in the midst of the ride at the top of our climb. The water was cold but the view made it all worth it! After riding up the hill, a dip felt great. We’re looking forward to resting up tonight to prepare for the big day tomorrow, because we’ll be hitting 1,000 total miles of biking!

Author: Cody Carey, Cyclist (Alph Nu Chapter, Ohio State University)