Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Today is the second day of camp at Camp Wonderland. After having a nice breakfast we got the bulk of our planned projects finished. As part of the programming for the week, all of the camp staff were assigned rules that they had to follow throughout the day.  We participated and as a team were asked to sing any time someone wanted a song sung. This rule came from us acquiring the nickname “Boys Choir” one the first day at camp. After a day of work, we went to programming to participate in “kangaroo court” with the campers, having a blast.  As a part of Kangaroo court any camp staff member that did not follow their rule for the day was made to compete against other counselors. The losers of these competitions were then punished in one of various ways (usually whipped cream pies or having an egg cracked on their head).

– Jonathan Munoz Zeta Sigma UC Davis