Tuesday, June 27, 2017

After getting a day off of rest in Park City, we woke up the next morning to find that the scouting team had discovered serious construction on the road ahead, so the call was made to move our starting location location forward by 18 miles. The ride began just on the outskirsts of a small town called Kamas, UT, and quickly led us onto a beautiful mountain road where we were surrounded by beautiful wilderness for the first time since California. The first 10 miles of the road we were lucky enough to ride along a snowmelt creek, and forests of aspen trees. After the first crew stop at 10 miles we were greeted by a much steeper road, and we could slowly tell that we were reaching the summit of a peak that would hopefully have a decent worthy of the climbing we had ahead of us. The ascent carried on for another 10 miles where we saw a sign reading 9,545 ft. our highest elevation of the trip. From there led to one of the best decents we have had so far, 8 miles of steep downhill followed by a gradual downhill with a tailwind that pushed us all the way to lunch. We then glided into Duchesne High School, which was provided to us by our gracious sponsor Mr. Stan Young.

After resting in lodging, we were able to go out on Starvation Lake where our sponsor, Mr. Guy Taylor, had provided a snack and had rented boats for us to explore the lake with. At the lake we were able to choose from, a variaty of activities ranging from cliff jumping, tubing, and water sking. We were able to spend the entire afternoon here before meeting many of the same people for a delicious potluck dinner provided by the Duchene Lions Club. The meal was full of comfort foods, including fried chicken, baked beans, sausage, and a cheesy potato mash. The team went ot bed full and happy, preparing for a 70 mile ride in the morning.

Will Krisko

Virginia Tech