Tuesday, May 22, 2018

After a 5am wake-up, the team gathered for an amazing breakfast from our crew chief, then began the 86 mile trek to Ocala. Having slept in actual beds the night before, the team was in high spirits and well rested for the ride today. Thankfully the rain held off and the sun stayed behind the clouds for the most part. Although there were many difficult hills along the route, the whole team was able to push through to lodging and get to dinner on time. Dinner was hosted by the wonderful volunteers of Tomorrow’s Equestrian Center where the team was got great food and even a bad that was packed with snacks for tomorrow’s ride. We were able to meet some of the remarkable riders at dinner, and saw many pictures of their accomplishments. Because of the rain that eventually came, we weren’t able to go to the farm for a demonstration. Overall, the day was filled with many challenges, but looking back we are proud of what we were able to accomplish today.

Alex Kroll