Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The ride towards Sandusky, Ohio was a memorable experience for myself and my paceline. We arrive to see many people cheering us on. After a great lunch and couple hours of hanging out we headed for lodging. After we took on Ohio’s famous Cedar Point with an opening climb atop the Millennium Force with rapid descents and occasional rolling hills. Nonetheless, our day escalated with a few more climbs atop The Gate Keeper and Magnum. Everyone riding with me remembers these moments the most for they grew a sense of camaraderie that could only be transpired through steep downturns and spirals. The final part of our ride was a slingshot up Top Thrill Dragster that lasted roughly under thirty seconds. 

Our dinner sponsor for the night delighted us with amazing ribs as well as fresh corn on the cob, cookies and a homemade BBQ sauce.

All in all, our ride from Toledo was one everyone on the team simply couldn’t forget. From the ride on the road and the rides after!

Jacob Jendo