Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The ride to Cumberland, MD was bittersweet. This is because although a nice and fun time it ment that our time as a team was coming to a close. The end was in sight but our moods stayed positive because we did not let anyone get down. Once we arrived at lodging after 65 miles we showered, napped, and took care of what we needed to.  For dinner we headed to a park where we were met by the Cumberland Rotary Club. With a spread of hotdogs, burgers, chicken and sides there was everything we could want. We hung out and socialized for a while learning about all the members until it was time to leave. After leaving we got to the local YMCA and played indoor soccer and discussed our memories from the trip.
 This is something ill never forget and ive made life long friends along the way. If given the chance i would consider doing this all over again.