Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Our ride to Pratt ran rather smooth. With an 80 miles day, and a nice shoulder. After all, it was another day of the Tour de Kansas, so every cyclists was on their “A game”. After completely the ride through rural Kansas, into Pratt, we arrived at Arrowhead West. It was a long hot day, and none of us seemed very awake as we approached this arrival. That was until we saw the looks of the faces at our friendship visit. The thing about a friendship visit is it can put you back into a good mood, no matter the day. Not only were the people and the food great, but as we went outside we became aware of the water fight we were about to participate in. In the parking lot they had water balloons, squirt guns, and even a dunk tank. Overall, this turned out to be my favorite friendship visit thus far

-James Lytle