Wednesday July 10, 2019

Today started off as usual, I kicked on “I’m still standing” to get everyone up and moving and we packed up all our luggage to move into our van for the day. We ate breakfast with all the campers, and as usual I sat with Abby, a little girl with Down Syndrome who quickly became my best friend for the week. After breakfast, we continued working on our wheelchair ramps. The team at the boys cabin started working on the first landing of their ramp, and my team and I continued the framing for the second section of our ramp. When both teams got rolling, I stepped off to do some PM work. This continued after lunch and I came back to help finish out the day until about 5. Following dinner, programming was a movie night and the kids decided to watch Peter Pan, however, the team and I utilized the time to sit down and discuss how the summer has been going, and gave a chance for anyone to say anything on their mind. We all had a great discussion and hung out by the fire for a couple hours. After we put the fire out, we headed in to the main lodge to unpack our bags for the night, and while some went to bed, a few of us stayed up and taught euchre to a a couple more guys. We played for about an hour more before we all went to bed to get ready for our last work day tomorrow.

– Keith Sporleder Beta Iota Toledo