Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Today the team rode 80 miles to Pratt Kansas. The beginning of the ride was challenging because there was a headwind. As we pushed through the road took a turn and so did our luck. The headwind turned into a tailwind and the team made it through the rest of the ride in record time. 

 Once we made it to Pratt, we staged up and arrived at Arrowhead West, an organization that supports people with disabilities live productive and successful lives. We had lunch with many of their clients and employees and then had an amazing time having a water fight. They brought water guns, a dunk tank, and thousands of water balloons. We all had a fun and wet time. 

After the friendship visit we set up our beds at the recreation center where we are staying the night and then headed out to dinner. We were sponsored by a local archery club who cooked us up some mean ribeye steaks and then let us shoot their bows at their archery range. We all had a great time today and are now getting ready for bed as we prepare for another great day in this amazing journey.

Author: Samuel Jaramillo, Cyclist (Beta Eta Chapter, Florida State University)