Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grand island 95 miles Lincoln

The morning of cycling out of Grand Island I felt a different feeling than I did leaving other cities. The friendship visits in the past two days were so impactful especially getting to know Jamie, Brad, and Craig. The bond we had in two days was something I hadnt really felt so far on the trip, so Grand Island will always mean something special to me because of those three. Leaving Grand Island this morning really spoke to what every Pi Alpha told me before the trip, if you put 100% into the friendship visit you get so much more out of it. Before we rolled out this morning we decided to dedicated the ride to Brad, Craig and Jamie which was very fitting.
Overall the ride went well, I got my first flat of the trip which was a bummer because I was really hoping that I could make it to DC without a flat, so that was dissapointing.  But the rest of the 95 mile ride went on without a hitch. The flat tire caused us to finish the ride in the last few groups but it was all worth it once we arrivewd in Lincoln to see that Lunch was at Raising Canes. This was the first time I’ve ever been to Raising Canes and it was amazing. Following lunch at Raising Caines we went to lodging to perpare for our dance party with the Arc of Lincoln. The night in Lincoln was great the entire group had a great time dancing with all of the people that made it to the dance. We danced for at least two hours until everybody got tired and we called it a night. Once we got home I went to bed early that night in preparation for the long 50 mile ride the next day.


Matthew O’Brien

Univesity of San Diego – Kappa Theta