Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today the team had another century to Sedalia, Missouri. We were all having yet another great day on the bike but unfortunately our luck turned for the worse. About 35 miles into the ride we saw some clouds ahead of us. Within ten minutes it started pouring on us. The rain got pretty heavy and within another couple minutes we heard thunder cracking close by. We got off the road and waited for the crew to pick us up to take us to shelter. We went and stayed at a local fair grounds as we waited for the storm to pass. There we had lunch and then we heard the news that we were going to rack to lodging because another storm cell was coming. 

Once we got to lodging most of the team took a fat nap to catch up on some Z’s. After our nap we had a friendship visit dance party. We had holla hop contests and danced the night away. Overall it was another great day on the road. It was disappointing to have to cut the day short but we made the best of it and rested up for tomorrow.

Author: Samuel Jaramillo, Cyclist (Beta Eta Chapter, Florida State University)