Wednesday, July 24, 2019

With our third work day wrapping up, we were able to fill the two new planter boxes with soil, mulch, manure, and assorted plants. We also laid down slabs of concrete in order to make a walkway for wheelchairs or walkers to get around the area instead of rolling into the gravel. We got work done pretty quickly, so we decided to travel into San Bernardino to find better WiFi in order for our crew members to upload their work to the Ability Experience. 

This was also a time to walk around town, shop at the stores, and kind of have a free day for a couple of hours. We came back to camp later that evening and did our Secret Santa as a little going away gift to each other as we only have 3 days left for Build America. It’s sad to see it coming so soon to the end, but I plan on making these last couple of days worth while. 

  • Nolan Caberto, Theta Omicron Chapter at University of Nevada, Reno