Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Today, all the cyclists had to bike 60 miles to Bloomington before lunch to make it in time for our friendship visit with Stone Belt. Along the way, some cyclists had a German Sheppard who ran about a mile next to them. Once at Stone Belt, we got to participate in bingo, a dance party, face paints, and socialize with 50 people with disabilities. We got to stay the night at the Alpha Psi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. This house is located at Indiana University and houses 100 boys per semester. For dinner, we were spoiled by the Alpha Psi chapter with eating at Nick’s English Restaurant, where many of us attempted and accomplished eating a footlong stromboli. Thank you again to all of the sponsors who made our time in Bloomington so great!

Author: Luke Miller, Crew (Zeta Epsilon Chapter, George Mason University)