Wednesday, July 3, 2019

On Wednesday we woke up and headed out for Breakfast at Jake’s Place. On this day we were working on two different projects, besides working in the boardwalk in the mountain we also continued our work on the Boardwalk near the Climbing Wall. We continued to lay the posts for this boardwalk as well as continue to lay concrete to hold additional posts for the railing of the boardwalk. 

   We continued to set up the structure of the boardwalk while some of us began to lay the floorboards. After a nice lunch and a couple minutes of rest we continued to build the structure of the boardwalk. We were able to get most of the boardwalk laid as well as some flooring on the structure. After a nice dinner the camp had a talent show. “The Boys Choir” made a return to sing Don’t Stop Believing for the entire camp. We had a lot of fun watching all of the campers. One of the performers yeeted (launched) a guitar off the stage, but everyone was safe. We all headed back to the cabin to rest for our final working day at RMV!

  -Michael Harvey Kappa Eta SUNY Geneseo