Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our day started off great! We got to sleep in very comfortable beds at the Residence Inn in downtown Denver thanks to our corporate sponsor, Mountaingate Capital! We got to walk through downtown on our way to breakfast at Mountaingate where many of us met our families. While we enjoyed a great breakfast, Bruce Rogers, the managing partner for Mountaingate capital was able to explain his history with Journey of Hope and his company. It was very eye opening to see what exactly private equity is and how it touches each one of us without us knowing! We were then given free time to explore the great city of Denver! Some of us spent quality time with our families who can out to visit, while others enjoyed a sponsored lunch by former Pi Alpha Kevin Graff! Later in the afternoon we geared up for a friendship visit I’m sure none of us will forget, Pedal for Pennies! This event was sponsored by Colorado Special Olympics, Denver parks and rec, and KRG/Mountaingate! Some of the members on North route and TransAmerica route were paired with special Olympic athletes to cycle around a city park! Each athlete raised pledges for the laps they completed, and at the end of the evening we were able to give the Special Olympics of Colorado a generous $12,000 grant with Mountaingate/KRG!  After a delicious meal the dance party began!

Both TransAmerica and North had team dances in which they performed for three judges! The judges were some of the special Olympic athletes that participated in the event. They couldn’t have been more excited to declare a tie! We then preceded to gather everyone and dance the night away!  

We will not soon forget the energy and love we felt in Denver! We are reenergized by such an amazing friendship visit, and we are very glad we were able to share the visit with our families! Above everything the Pedal for Pennies event truly showed that the only disability in life is a bad attitude! 

Author: Layton Rogers, Cyclist (Eta Chi Chapter, Texas Christian University)