Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Today we began setting the posts for the fence we’re building. We began at 7 am like yesterday, and Jake and I started mixing the concrete. We learned from our mistake yesterday and put the water in first. We then left the concrete mixer and went to breakfast.

Upon returning, we realized we made another mistake! We thought just leaving water in it would be fine, but the water had actually solidified a bit. We had to spend some time cleaning it out, delaying the post setting.

Once we got in a groove, the concrete went quick. We moved the mixer down the hill closer to the water to be closer to the posts, and then started hand mixing the concrete in a wheelbarrow, and mixing the concrete in the post hole to expedite the process. By the end of the day, we had set about 40 or so posts.

The best part of the day came after during evening programming. Jake was Big Foot, and led a sort of monster talent show of other monsters, which were other team members. The campers decorated us as they pleased and enjoyed every second of it. Jonathan had a makeover and Ayden was a stump. The joy on the kids faces during the talent show was amazing to watch. Overall, each monster won for a different talent, and we all took pictures.

– Gus Chan Iota (Georgia Tech)