Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today the team rode 104 miles from Shoshoni to Casper, Wyoming. We had beautiful weather and a very nice tailwind for the majority of the ride! Along the way, we saw a lot of antelope and other Wyoming wildlife. We also stopped by to see Hell’s Half Acre, which is Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. It was so cool to see! It really looked like a smaller version of the Grand Canyon. Most of the team stopped to take a quick picture with the beautiful scenery.

We then rolled into the city of Casper! After unloading our gear and showering, we had some nice relaxing time. Later in the afternoon, we had an awesome friendship visit with Nowcap Services of Casper! We had a blast eating and hanging out with everyone at the park. Thank you to Nowcap Services for your hospitality and delicious dinner. The whole team was pumped to have a friendship visit because it had been a couple days since our last one! We got to meet a lot of new people and hear their stories. We’re looking forward to another friendship visit tomorrow after our day off in Casper.
Author: Will Ford, Cyclist (Theta Alpha Chapter, University of Southern Mississippi)