Wednesday, June 5, 2019

As the first day of riding comes to an end, the team reflected on the days events and prepare for the rest of the summer and what we are to face. Seattle this morning already feels so long ago, and saying goodbye to family and friends was bittersweet, but the team knows that the time will fly by before we see them again in August. Todays ride was a learning experience as the crew and team learn to work together. While muscles are sore, spirits are high for tomorrows ascent up Mount Rainier. After the ride from Seattle to Enumclaw, we had our first friendship visit at Ashley House and met some fantastic people and caregivers who made us a delicious baked potato supper. Tomorrow will be a hard day, but if we learned anything from today it is that no matter what challenge we face, the rewards will pay off by so much more.

-Larkin Andreaus