Wednesday June 5th, 2019

We woke up in our comfortable hotel beds in the Holiday Inn by the San Francisco airport at 6:15 in which we then packed our gear up and headed to a wonderful crew chief breakfast provided by our crew chief, Antonio. After breakfast, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Christ Episcopal Church in Sausalito. While there, we went over very crucial information that will make our trip as efficient, safe, enjoyable, and overall as successful as possible. This information included an outlook on an average day in the life of a JOH team member, P&P, where our fundraising money goes, and other knowledge to survive the trip. We then had a fantastic sponsored Chipotle lunch by Jay Holly which was followed by a moving speech about what we will take away from completing this trip. After that, we wrapped up our road safety procedures led by our cycling coaches, Alan and Corey. We then drove to Marin Headlands Hostel where we completed our bike skills training and then had a delicious Italian deli dinner sponsored by Adam on a beautiful black sand beach. It was a very busy day filled with housekeeping items that are vital to our mission of keeping us safe and efficient while on this trip of a lifetime.