Wednesday, June 7, 2017

_Today was a very monumental day for the team. It was our first official day on the road. Our day began with a sponsored breakfast by Mr. William Sigman where we said goodbye to family and kicked off the day. We even sang happy birthday to one of our teammates, Larry. As the pace lines cycled from downtown Seattle into Enumclaw, the joy on each rider’s face was priceless. Each rider was amazed when they rode by the lakes, the bridges, the tall buildings, and the open green land. The weather today was fairly warm which was different then what is usually expected in Seattle. As we all road into Enumclaw, every rider was so happy as the first ride had finally come to an end. We ended our day by visiting the Ashley House for our first friendship. We learned that the Ashley House has helping children with disabilities for over 20 years and the entire team had a great time spending time with the children. Thank you to The Ashley House for the fantastic dinner and opportunity to visit. Overall, it was a fantastic way to kick off this trip and the team is looking forward to our 125 mile trip to Yakima tomorrow morning.
Author: Larry Fabela, Cyclist