Ability Week

The Ability Experience has always been focused on creating a community where the abilities of all people can be recognized and valued. In this moment, it can seem tough to feel that sense of community; COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives, but for the disability community, barriers to access and social isolation have been even more cumbersome. Making matters worse, The Ability Experience has been forced to cancel programs our partners benefit from each year and campus closures have greatly reduced the funds that make those programs possible in the future. We need your help to champion the abilities of all people.

You Can Make A Difference

In spite of current difficulties, our members and partners in the disability community have come together improve awareness, inclusivity, and accessibility. Through virtual experiences, we’re bringing people together and showing support for the disability community. This May, we hosted Ability Week, serving as a launch pad for new programs that we plan to sustain into the future. Over the course of the week, supporters raised over $50,000. Over 200 participants, both members of Pi Kappa Phi and the disability community, came together from across 31 states to participate in programs that build a community one relationship at a time where the abilities of all people are recognized and valued. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Giving Tuesday Now

In light of the unprecedented needs caused by COVID-19, #GivingTuesday has launched Giving Tuesday Now. The Ability Experience and Pi Kappa Phi Foundation joined forces to encourage all students and alumni to support both organizations to address our students and those they serve. Together we raised over $30,000! Thank you to everyone who chipped in on this important day!

Ask Anything Panel

Awareness is a key first step to being an advocate for the disability community. We’ve pulled together a panel of people representing the disability community to answer your questions about their lived experiences. Have you ever wanted to better understand disability but felt embarrassed to ask the question? Our panel is here engage in dialogue, to lend their prospective and help elevate your understanding.



Watch the Replay

Virtual Friendship Visit

Our partner organizations that serve people with disabilities are having to make many difficult choices this summer; cancelled programs and camps, restrictions for those in residential facilities are leaving many in the disability community feeling more isolated than ever. More than 50 people joined in our first virtual shared experience across the country to connect, build inclusion and have fun.


Watch the Replay

Gaming For Inclusion

The Ability Experience is launching new programs to connect men of Pi Kappa Phi and people with disabilities through gaming. For some in the disability community, gaming is an outlet that allows them to standout, engage and compete. We’re testing out what a sustainable program could look like by hosting a day-long gaming tournament that pairs up Pi Kapps with our partner organizations. Congratulations to Brandon Blanco of Eta Kappa (SUNY Plattsburgh) and Sean Lau of Northeastern Associate Chapter on winning the tournaments! Both chapters were awarded adaptive controllers, which can either be awarded to their local volunteer relationships or used to educate their peers on adaptive technology. As we begin work on developing this event into a full program, we’re seeking volunteers to be a part of a steering committee. Fill out the form below to let us know you’re interested.


Committee Interest Form

The Ability Experience Day Virtual Challenge 

Run, walk, bike, count to one million, the choice is yours; sign up, raise funds and show your support for the inclusion of everyone through action. This one-day virtual challenge event is open to all and a celebration of the abilities of all people. Throughout the day we’ll feature participants across the country and stream fun events that can help us all cross the finish line together. Join a team to choose where your fundraising dollars go. 


Thank You

Throughout Ability Week, we encouraged students, alumni, family and friends to come together to support the abilities of all people. Among the awards and recognition, chapters had the opportunity to earn flash grants to recognized partner organizations and win other prizes. Over the course of the week, supporters combined forces to raise over $50,000 and 

Ability Week Winners

Highest Program Participation: Gamma Gamma (Troy)

Highest Fundraising: Iota Iota (Cal Poly – Pomona)

Associate Chapter Overall Participation: Northeastern Associate Chapter

Giving Tuesday Now – Highest Fundraising: Iota Omicron (Iona)

Giving Tuesday Now – Most Donors: Kappa Mu (UC Merced)

Gaming for Inclusion Winner (Fortnite): Brandon Blanco, Eta Kappa (SUNY Plattsburgh)

Gaming for Inclusion Winner (Rocket League): Sean Lau, Northeastern Associate Chapter

What's Next

As we continue to navigate our current landscape, Ability Experience will provide opportunities to help impact the disability community. Throughout the summer and into the fall, new programs and events will be made available. We’re opening up new ways to engage with our Virtual Gear Up Florida, Journey of Hope, and Build America teams, and plan on hosting celebration around the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please visit our events pages to see what’s already confirmed.

Upcoming Events