Bergstrom Fellows

The Bergstrom Fellowship awards men of Pi Kappa Phi who dedicate their summer to service as a counselor for a camp that serves people with disabilities. The program is designed to give men of Pi Kappa Phi who have a desire to serve a camp as a counselor, have a summer job, and gain additional distinction and scholarship for their efforts.

Members who have participated in this program have come away with some of the best life experience when working with people with disabilities. There is no better way to learn about a person than spending time with them day in and day out. Summer camp experiences are the ultimate in interaction and provide a great opportunity for more than just a surface encounter of meeting someone once or twice. Members get to know the campers on a very personal level.

If you are a camp supporting people with disabilities and are looking for camp counselors, please contact Gary Sugg via email.

Along with gaining the distinction of being a Kelley A. Bergstrom Fellow, men who complete their summer will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship in addition to the funds that participants earn from working at the camp.

Serving as a Bergstrom Fellow is a great way to gain leadership skills, grow your professional network, and build your resume. The Bergstrom Fellowship program is limited to 25 recipients in 2019.


Requirements of a Bergstrom Fellow:

Be an associate, active, or alumni member of Pi Kappa Phi

Meet all camp hiring criteria

How can you get involved?

Check out the preferred camps you would be interested in below

Submit an application to The Ability Experience. You will need to keep in touch with the organization with your status of being hired and completion of summer employment.

Your information will be forwarded to the selected preferred camps (your interest and application to The Ability Experience does not guarantee your employment at a camp). Camps may or may not reach out to you about positions. It is your responsibility to apply.

Apply to camps that you are interested in.

Apply Now
  • Camp ASCCA – Jacksons’ Gap
  • Camp Civitan Foundation – Williams
  • New Horizons LHC – Lake Havasu City
  • Camp Tatiyee – Lakeside
  • Camp Bloomfield – Malibu
  • Camp Harmon – Boulder Creek
  • Camp Krem – Boulder Creek
  • Via Services West – Cupertino
  • Rocky Mountain Village – Empire
  • Camp Harkness – Waterford
  • Camp Twin Lakes – Rutledge
  • Camp Twin Lakes – Wil-A-Way
  • Camp Big Sky – Peoria
  • Camp Little Giant – Carbondale
  • Camp Riley – Martinsville
  • Camp Albrecht Acres – Sherrill
  • Camp Courageous – Monticello
  • Camp Sunnyside – Des Moines
  • Camp Fairlee Manor – Chestertown
  • Camp Barnabas – Purdy
  • Wonderland Camp – Rocky Mount
  • Camp Merry Heart – Hackettstown
  • Victory Junction – Randleman
  • Camp Carefree – Stokesdale
  • Camp Allyn – Batavia
  • Camp Miakonda – Toledo
  • Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp – Rhododendron
  • Woodlands Foundation – Wexford
  • Camp Spearhead – Marietta
  • Camp Thunderbird – Lake Wylie
  • Clemson Outdoor Lab – Pendleton
  • Camp Discovery – Gainesville
  • Camp C.A.M.P. – Center Point
  • Camp for All – Burton
  • Down Home Ranch – Elgin
  • Camp Easter Seals UCP – New Castle
  • Camp Holiday Trails – Charlottesville
  • ServiceSource – Manassas
  • Camp Wawbeek – Wisconsin Dells

If you have any questions about the Bergstrom Fellows program, contact Regional Director of Chapter Services Gary Sugg.