Pi Kappa Phi created The Ability Experience in 1977 as a way to instill a sense of service in each of its young leaders. With over 180 chapters fundraising a total of over $750,000 annually for The Ability Experience, Pi Kappa Phi truly excels beyond all other fraternities in philanthropic fundraising.

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Chapter Fundraising

Pi Kappa Phi remains the only Greek organization to have developed and maintain its own national philanthropy. Creative fundraising events like bike-a-thons, scaffold sits and pageants have helped the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi collectively fundraise over $15 million in support of The Ability Experience's programs.

These funds are distributed across the country to benefit people with disabilities and provide more service opportunities for the men of Pi Kappa Phi. Undergraduate chapters continuously support The Ability Experience and are excellent advocates in spreading a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities.

The The Ability Experience staff provides support and serves as a knowledgeable resource for chapters planning events. If you have questions or need support with an event,  contact The Ability Experience chapter servicing team via email.

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Alabama - Birmingham (Epsilon Phi)Donate Now
Alabama (Omicron)Donate Now
Albright College (Zeta Chi)Donate Now
Appalachian State (Delta Zeta)Donate Now
Arizona (Beta Theta)Donate Now
Arizona State (Theta Xi)Donate Now
Arkansas - Fort Smith (Iota Mu)Donate Now
Auburn (Alpha Iota)Donate Now
Augusta (Gamma Psi)Donate Now
Ball State (Iota Chi)Donate Now
Barton College (Zeta Tau)Donate Now
Baylor (Theta Kappa)Donate Now
Boise State (Iota Psi)Donate Now
Bowling Green State (Delta Sigma)Donate Now
Bradley (Epsilon Mu)Donate Now
Buffalo (Theta Gamma)Donate Now
California - Berkeley (Gamma)Donate Now
California - Davis (Zeta Sigma)Donate Now
California - Irvine (Eta Eta)Donate Now
California - Los Angeles (Eta Sigma)Donate Now
California Merced (Kappa Mu)Donate Now
California Polytechnic State (Kappa Pi)Donate Now
California State - Fullerton (Zeta Rho)Donate Now
California State - Long Beach (Theta Sigma)Donate Now
California State - Sacramento (Epsilon Nu)Donate Now
California State Polytechnic - Pomona (Iota Iota)Donate Now
Case Western Reserve (Kappa Alpha)Donate Now
Central Florida (Eta Psi)Donate Now
Central Michigan (Beta Xi)Donate Now
Cincinnati (Theta)Donate Now
Clemson (Zeta Alpha)Donate Now
Coastal Carolina (Eta Pi)Donate Now
College of Charleston (Alpha Associate Chapter)Donate Now
Colorado - Boulder (Eta Gamma)Donate Now
Colorado - Colorado Springs (Kappa Sigma)Donate Now
Colorado State (Zeta Phi)Donate Now
Connecticut (Kappa Omicron)Donate Now
Cornell (Psi)Donate Now
Dayton (Iota Pi)Donate Now
Delaware (Theta Nu)Donate Now
Denver (Epsilon Chi)Donate Now
DePaul (Kappa Xi)Donate Now
Drexel (Alpha Upsilon)Donate Now
Duke (Mu)Donate Now
East Carolina (Beta Phi)Donate Now
Eastern Washington (Kappa Tau)Donate Now
Elon (Epsilon Alpha)Donate Now
Embry-Riddle (Iota Eta)Donate Now
Florida (Alpha Epsilon)Donate Now
Florida Atlantic (Kappa Delta)Donate Now
Florida Gulf Coast (Iota Upsilon)Donate Now
Florida Southern (Beta Beta)Donate Now
Furman (Delta)Donate Now
George Mason (Zeta Epsilon)Donate Now
George Washington (Theta Zeta Associate Chapter)Donate Now
Georgia (Lambda)Donate Now
Georgia College & State (Epsilon Upsilon)Donate Now
Georgia Southern (Gamma Kappa)Donate Now
Georgia State (Beta Kappa)Donate Now
Georgia Tech (Iota)Donate Now
Grand Valley State (Epsilon Beta)Donate Now
High Point (Theta Tau)Donate Now
Houston (Beta Nu)Donate Now
Idaho (Kappa Iota)Donate Now
Illinois (Upsilon)Donate Now
Illinois Institute of Technology (Alpha Phi)Donate Now
Illinois State (Kappa Beta)Donate Now
Indiana (Alpha Psi)Donate Now
Indiana State (Eta Beta)Donate Now
Iona (Iota Omicron)Donate Now
Iowa (Theta Theta)Donate Now
Iowa State (Alpha Omicron)Donate Now
IUPUI (Zeta Psi)Donate Now
Jacksonville State (Delta Epsilon)Donate Now
James Madison (Delta Tau)Donate Now
Kansas (Theta Epsilon)Donate Now
Kansas State (Delta Chi)Donate Now
Kennesaw State (Eta Delta)Donate Now
Kentucky (Eta Tau)Donate Now
LaGrange College (Gamma Nu)Donate Now
Lenoir-Rhyne (Epsilon Rho)Donate Now
Longwood (Epsilon Gamma)Donate Now
Louisiana State (Gamma Iota)Donate Now
Louisiana Tech (Theta Phi)Donate Now
Louisville (Beta Gamma)Donate Now
Loylola - Chicago Associate ChapterDonate Now
Loyola - New Orleans (Iota Phi)Donate Now
Maine (Kappa Zeta)Donate Now
Maryland - Baltimore County (Eta Phi)Donate Now
Maryland - College Park (Eta Epsilon)Donate Now
Massachusetts - Amherst (Theta Mu)Donate Now
McNeese (Beta Mu)Donate Now
Mercer (Alpha Alpha)Donate Now
Miami (Alpha Chi)Donate Now
Miami (Eta Upsilon)Donate Now
Michigan (Alpha Kappa)Donate Now
Michigan State (Alpha Theta)Donate Now
Mississippi (Alpha Lambda)Donate Now
Mississippi State (Iota Nu)Donate Now
Missouri S & T (Gamma Lambda)Donate Now
Missouri State (Theta Lambda)Donate Now
Morehead State (Delta Eta)Donate Now
Nebraska (Nu)Donate Now
Nevada - Las Vegas (Iota Omega)Donate Now
Nevada - Reno (Theta Omicron)Donate Now
New Jersey Institute of Technology (Beta Alpha)Donate Now
New Mexico (Kappa Kappa)Donate Now
North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Kappa)Donate Now
North Carolina - Charlotte (Delta Lambda)Donate Now
North Carolina - Greensboro (Epsilon Iota)Donate Now
North Carolina - Wilmington (Gamma Theta)Donate Now
North Carolina State (Tau)Donate Now
North Dakota (Zeta Gamma Associate Chapter)Donate Now
North Georgia (Delta Beta)Donate Now
North Texas (Gamma Tau)Donate Now
Northern Arizona (Theta Upsilon)Donate Now
Northern Colorado (Iota Kappa)Donate Now
Northwestern State Louisiana (Beta Omicron)Donate Now
Ohio (Theta Chi)Donate Now
Oklahoma (Alpha Gamma)Donate Now
Old Dominion (Gamma Beta)Donate Now
Oregon (Alpha Omega)Donate Now
Oregon State (Alpha Zeta)Donate Now
Pennsylvania State (Alpha Mu)Donate Now
Pittsburgh (Delta Upsilon)Donate Now
Presbyterian (Beta)Donate Now
Purdue (Omega)Donate Now
Queens Charlotte (Eta Zeta)Donate Now
Quinnipiac (Iota Lambda)Donate Now
Rensselaer Polytechnic (Alpha Tau)Donate Now
Roanoke (Xi)Donate Now
Rochester Institute of Technology (Theta Psi)Donate Now
Rutgers (Iota Tau)Donate Now
Sacred Heart (Iota Alpha)Donate Now
Samford (Alpha Eta)Donate Now
San Diego (Kappa Theta)Donate Now
San Francisco (Eta Theta)Donate Now
San Francisco State (Eta Omicron)Donate Now
San Jose State (Iota Sigma)Donate Now
Seton Hall (Epsilon Theta)Donate Now
Slippery Rock (Epsilon Psi)Donate Now
Sonoma State (Kappa Nu)Donate Now
South Alabama (Gamma Phi)Donate Now
South Carolina (Sigma)Donate Now
South Carolina Upstate (Epsilon Lambda)Donate Now
South Florida (Zeta Eta)Donate Now
Southern California (Delta Rho)Donate Now
Southern Illinois Carbondale (Siu Carbondale)Donate Now
Southern Mississippi (Theta Alpha)Donate Now
St. John's (Alpha Xi)Donate Now
State New York - Geneseo (Kappa Eta)Donate Now
Stephen F. Austin State (Iota Zeta)Donate Now
Stetson (Chi)Donate Now
Stony Brook (Kappa Epsilon)Donate Now
SUNY Brockport (Eta Lambda)Donate Now
SUNY Plattsburgh (Eta Kappa)Donate Now
Susquehanna (Iota Epsilon)Donate Now
Tampa (Beta Lambda)Donate Now
Temple Associate ChapterDonate Now
Tennessee (Alpha Sigma)Donate Now
Tennessee Techn (Iota Theta)Donate Now
Texas - Arlington (Delta Psi Associate Chapter)Donate Now
Texas - Austin (Zeta Theta)Donate Now
Texas - Dallas (Iota Xi)Donate Now
Texas - San Antonio (Iota Beta)Donate Now
Texas A&M (Delta Omega)Donate Now
Texas Christian (Eta Chi)Donate Now
Texas State - San Marcos (Eta Rho)Donate Now
Texas Tech (Epsilon Omega)Donate Now
The Ohio State (Alpha Nu)Donate Now
Toledo (Beta Iota)Donate Now
Troy (Gamma Gamma)Donate Now
Truman State (Delta Delta)Donate Now
Valdosta State (Beta Tau)Donate Now
Vermont (Kappa Rho)Donate Now
Villanova (Epsilon Omicron)Donate Now
Virginia - Wise (Epsilon Epsilon)Donate Now
Virginia (Beta Upsilon)Donate Now
Virginia Commonwealth (Epsilon Pi)Donate Now
Virginia Tech (Delta Alpha)Donate Now
Washington (Alpha Delta)Donate Now
Washington & Lee (Rho)Donate Now
Washington State (Theta Iota)Donate Now
West Chester (Zeta Nu)Donate Now
West Virginia (Alpha Rho)Donate Now
Western Carolina (Gamma Epsilon)Donate Now
Western Illinois (Iota Rho)Donate Now
Western Michigan (Theta Rho)Donate Now
Wingate (Eta Mu)Donate Now
Winthrop (Epsilon Eta)Donate Now
Wisconsin-Madison (Kappa Lambda)Donate Now
Wofford College (Zeta)Donate Now