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Journey of Hope

Each year, more than 100 men embark on a cross-country trip to test their limits, spread awareness, and celebrate the abilities of all people. With three routes kicking off on the West Coast, teams spend the summer crossing the country over a combined 12,000 miles with an arrival at the Capitol Lawn in Washington DC to mark the end of a life-changing event. Along the way, the team spreads the message of disability awareness through local media and makes stops at partner organizations where we deliver joy to our friends from the disability community.

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By accepting the challenge of a summer event you will gain unparalleled leadership, teamwork, and
service experiences that set you apart from your peers and make lifelong friendships. But don’t just take our word for it, read what a number of successful Pi Alphas say about their experience…

“I have my jersey hanging on the wall of my office. Anyone who comes in asks about it. No one asks about your internship history after age 22. The story of serving others and the impact it had on me personally is life long.”
Mike Davis | Psi (Cornell)

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Celebrating the abilities of all people


For many people with disabilities, isolation can have a substantial impact on one’s sense of self and well-being. After riding an average of 75 miles a day, our teams are dancing, playing games, or leading campfire songs at a friendship visit with a local group that supports people with disabilities. For many of our partner organizations, our team’s arrival each year is something folks anticipate like a holiday. Journey of Hope is a unique program that also has the ability to draw the attention of local media in markets across the county. This platform enables us to spread a message of awareness and inclusion everywhere we go and help showcase our partner organizations to broader audiences then they could on their own. Our teams also provide additional support to dozens of organization through grants each year.

Few people can say that they’ve successfully travelled from coast-to-coast, even fewer on a set of two thin wheels; less still for a cause far greater than themselves. The trip presents many challenges that test your strength, endurance and will, but it also provides endless opportunities to see some of the most incredible landmarks this country has to offer.

Each route offers it’s own adventure; conquer extremes like the deserts of the southwest or elevations of Kirkwood or Loveland Pass, visit national landmarks like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, and take time to explore from the middle of nowhere the nation’s biggest cities. While each route varies in geography and culture, our goal is to provide an equally great experience for every team member and spread our mission to as many people as possible.



Each year a group of highly dedicated Pi Kapps make a commitment to challenge themselves to accomplish more than they ever have, step into the unknown and take part in the best summer of their lives. To be a part of this experience means to be a different person than you were before.

Everyone who completes either Gear Up Florida, Journey of Hope or Build America is welcomed into the Pi Alpha Society. This exclusive fraternity within the fraternity is an incredible network of more than 2,500 servant leaders still making an impact in the world today. Team members meet with the men who came before them in nearly every city of the trip as they show support for the newest team. From entrepreneurs and CEOs to executives at Microsoft and Google, Pi Alphas are set apart from the societal norm due to their perseverance and commitment to service leadership. They are selfless individuals that put others before themselves. They are leaders that strive for excellence and don’t settle for mediocrity. Lifelong membership means that they continue their dedication to our mission and know how to make the most of every opportunity in life.



Lead the leaders. And get paid for it! Journey of Hope crew positions enable you to gain professional skills and make your resume stand out. In addition to supporting the team on the road, you’ll lead roles in photography, videography, public relations, social media, health services, finance, community relations, or operations.

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In Their Own Words

Listen to a Shared Experience podcast featuring Chael Williams, Theta Alpha (Southern Miss), who overcame challenges to complete Journey of Hope in 2018. He shares his experience and how he was able to make it work.


Want to see more of what summer events look like? Check out our video archive to see the incredible experiences Pi Kapps like you have had over the years!

How do I prepare?

“Raising money is all about sales. Whether you want to go into business or nonprofit, the experience of raising money is invaluable. An interviewer is much more interested in talking about Journey of Hope than an internship. Everyone has internships but very few people have an experience like Journey of Hope. It will make you stand out amidst all the resumes.”
Howard Goldsmith | Psi (Cornell)

Here you’ll find a few resources that may answer questions like: “How do I get a bike?”, “How can I plan out my fundraising”, or “Is it possible to study, work, and train at once?”

Doing a summer event is no small feat, so it may seem like a daunting task. Fear not, most Pi Alphas that have completed these events came in with little to no past fundraising or cycling experience, and 90% end up surpassing their goals! Everyone should have their own Ability Experience, and we give you all of the tools and support to make it possible.

For all of our team members, you’ll receive access to a library of resources that will tell you everything you’ll need to know about fundraising, preparation, training, and safety on the road. You’ll also have monthly coaching calls to walk you through whatever you need. Cyclists have professional cycling coaches hand-tailoring them just the right workouts they need to get in shape, and crew members receive position-specific training from our staff to set them up for success.

Fundraising Plan TemplateAdvice from Top Fundraisers
Fundraising Contact ListGetting Started Fundraising
Getting a Bike GuideWeekly Training Plan
Gear ListCoaches

Answer the Call

One-on-one support from our dedicated staff, a professional training program from our amazing cycling coaches, and Mentorship from our network of accomplished Pi Alphas is just the beginning.

Did you know most cyclists come in with no road-biking experience? Or that fundraising is daunting for everyone, but we work with you step by step to help you reach your goal. You can even earn useful incentives like a free flight to orientation to cut down on your own expenses for the trip! We’ve helped students and alumni from all over the country participate. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, we’ll give you tools and resources to make it happen. Contact Patrick Carlson with any questions.

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