Administrative Items

Forms & Instructions

CPR Certification – Submit proof of successful completion of “Online and In-person” or “In-person” CPR course with certification expiration date. Required for all JOH/GUF crew members. Recommended for all other team members.

Insurance Card – Submit a legible scan or photo of the FRONT & BACK sides of your health insurance card. Health insurance is required to participate in team events.

Medical History Form – Click link to download and print form. Submit a legible scan or or photo(s) of your completed and signed form. Build America team members and JOH/GUF cyclists MUST receive a physical examination and have the form SIGNED and STAMPED by a physician. JOH/GUF crew members do not not need to complete the bottom section of the form or receive a physical.

Motor Vehicle Record Disclosure & Release Form – Click link to download and print form. Required to drive team vehicles during events, pending approval from our insurance provider based on your driving history (Must be 20 years or older).

LAB Traffic Safety 101 Course – Submit screenshot of results with your name and score visible. 80% required to pass for all JOH/GUF team members.

Liability Waiver – Click link to digitally sign the Assumption of Risk, Release and Indemnity Agreement as well as the Media Release. Required for all team members.

Security Deposit (BAM | GUF | JOH) – All team members are required to pay a deposit which covers liability of equipment and vehicles during events. Remaining balances are refunded at the end of events.

Safety Equipment Hand Receipt – Click link to download virtual copy. This form acts as a receipt for equipment issued to you for your summer event. Upon receipt of equipment and submission of form you are responsible for the care/maintenance and return of all signed equipment. Required for all cyclists.

Bike Confirmation – Submit a picture of your bike. The file name should be the brand and model of your bike. Ex: Specialized_Roubaix. If you do not have a bike you need to let your Regional Director know by March 20th.

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